Banking Solution

It is a big issue for Banks to proper identify the customer that are using their e-Banking services. Online fraud has been increasing over the years to alarming figures. Although there are lots of ways to improve the security of online transactions,banking solution is relatively simple to...

Exam Shell

Acrologix's Exam Shell is an interactive, educational, GCE test preparation application that uses social sharing and competitive intellectual challenges to maximize student engagement. Creating real and emotional connections between users and content -- 10 years of actual CGE exam questions –...

Mobile Applications

Acrologix provides best Android application for its users. The number of mobile devices running are growing at an amazing rate. More than half a million devices get activated daily, higher than any other mobile OS, and this number is set to double within a few months. Android is an open source...

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Rooftop ME

About Rooftop ME

Rooftop ME is an entertainment content management solution enabling content providers to deliver high quality mobile content over varied distribution channels.

Why Choose Rooftop ME?

  • Streamline content and catalog management processes with a customized solution to improve the efficiency of your company
  • Redefine the relationship with your customers by providing high quality service
  • Benefit from our extensive experience in system design and development using the cutting edge technology

The Premier Content Management Solution

Rooftop ME is a highly reliable and flexible solution. The system supports multiple file types. Our rigorous field validation methodology ensures the accuracy of data captured by the system. The interface is user friendly and highly interactive.

Rooftop ME provides robust content management functionality. It is the central data warehouse providing a dynamic mechanism for content categorizationE retrieval and reference. The highlights of Rooftop ME are

  • Highly efficient navigation organized in volumesE catalogs and folders
  • A systematic content import process for adding contents into the explorer
  • Tagging process for categorizationE sorting and quick retrieval
  • Flexibility in tagging all the content with user defined fields
  • In-depth analytical reports for revenue
  • Bookmarks list for each user,
  • Restoration of deleted content through a Recycle Bin

Development Tools E Technologies

Rooftop ME is a Visual Basic ® and SQL Server based product (Microsoft ® Windows DNA 2000E n-Tier architecture).

Hardware Requirements

Server Configuration:

  • P III 650 MHZ or Higher
  • 128 MB RAM or Higher
  • 50 MB hard disk space

Client Configuration:

  • P III 550 MHZ II
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 50 MB hard disk space
  • Twain compatible scanner

Product Details
Rooftop ME Brochure
Rooftop ME Installation Guide
Rooftop ME User Manual
Usage and Licensing Issues with MSDE