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It is a big issue for Banks to proper identify the customer that are using their e-Banking services. Online fraud has been increasing over the years to alarming figures. Although there are lots of ways to improve the security of online transactions,banking solution is relatively simple to...

Exam Shell

Acrologix's Exam Shell is an interactive, educational, GCE test preparation application that uses social sharing and competitive intellectual challenges to maximize student engagement. Creating real and emotional connections between users and content -- 10 years of actual CGE exam questions –...

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Acrologix provides best Android application for its users. The number of mobile devices running are growing at an amazing rate. More than half a million devices get activated daily, higher than any other mobile OS, and this number is set to double within a few months. Android is an open source...

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AcroOCR for Arabic

Extraction of text embedded in an image has always been an art. This extraction becomes a science when image contains non-Latin based text characters. Languages like Arabic which are (Right-to-left instead of Left-to-right) and are featured based have always been difficult to handle by computer systems.

AcroOCR for Arabic is one of its kinds OCRE which recognizes text embedded within an image. Some of the salient features of AcroOCR are:

Performance and Accuracy:

  • Up to 99% accuracy in recognizing Arabic booksE newspapersE etc
  • Runs under Windows 2000E XP
  • Supports Unicode

Recognition Engines:

  • Supports Arabic
  • OCR bilingual documents (Arabic/English)

Supported Formats:

  • Can deal with different image format standards (jpgE gifE bmp)
  • Can save the output text in different applications e.g. wordE excelE notepad
  • Comes with ARnotepad which is an Arabic notepad and is a replacement of Windows standard notepad

Supported Scanners:

  • Works with any type of scanner compliant with TWAIN protocol

Unique Features:

  • Recognizes the diacritics in Arabic images
  • Automatic style detection for fonts (regular and bold)
  • Supports non-rectangular frames
  • Supports color documents

Powerful Imaging Tools:

  • Automatic and manual image rotation
  • Automatic and manual image fixing

Integration With Other Applications:

  • Can integrate with any third-party application
  • Software Developer’s Kit (SDK)

Hardware Requirements


  • Intel Pentium I 233
  • Ram: 32 MB
  • Hard Disk 20 MB


  • Intel Pentium II
  • Ram: 64 MB
  • Hard Disk 30 MB

Product Details
AcroOCR Brochure
AcroOcr Installation Guide
AcroOCR User Manual