Banking Solution

It is a big issue for Banks to proper identify the customer that are using their e-Banking services. Online fraud has been increasing over the years to alarming figures. Although there are lots of ways to improve the security of online transactions,banking solution is relatively simple to...

Exam Shell

Acrologix's Exam Shell is an interactive, educational, GCE test preparation application that uses social sharing and competitive intellectual challenges to maximize student engagement. Creating real and emotional connections between users and content -- 10 years of actual CGE exam questions –...

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Acrologix provides best Android application for its users. The number of mobile devices running are growing at an amazing rate. More than half a million devices get activated daily, higher than any other mobile OS, and this number is set to double within a few months. Android is an open source...

EGISYS, Germany

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3D technology has become one of the driving forces of e-business. Lifelike presentation of products or personalized information brought across in real time dialog - the possibilities which EGISYS has developed with its 3D technologies put a new face on the Internet. As an exclusive license partner for the German-speaking space(area) Viewpoint-licenses can be covered from Egisys.

With its three key working areas:

3D-Multimedia and
3D-Content Paradise

EGISYS makes the whole world of 3D web applications available to its customers.

EGISYS inc. is the visualization and technology specialist in the 3D sector.

As well as 3D multimedia, 3D Avatars, 3D objects, 3D landscapes - visualization and integration competence, EGISYS designs and develops its own tools, technologies, data banks and solutions, which facilitate the integration of three dimensionally animated models and movement data on the Internet.

The company was founded in 1999 by an independent research team at the University of Tübingen and is represented by subsidiary companies in the USA and Indonesia.

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