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It is a big issue for Banks to proper identify the customer that are using their e-Banking services. Online fraud has been increasing over the years to alarming figures. Although there are lots of ways to improve the security of online transactions,banking solution is relatively simple to...

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Acrologix's Exam Shell is an interactive, educational, GCE test preparation application that uses social sharing and competitive intellectual challenges to maximize student engagement. Creating real and emotional connections between users and content -- 10 years of actual CGE exam questions –...

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Acrologix provides best Android application for its users. The number of mobile devices running are growing at an amazing rate. More than half a million devices get activated daily, higher than any other mobile OS, and this number is set to double within a few months. Android is an open source...

Cityline International, UAE

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Cityline International, a UAE based company involved in mobile entertainment and mobile marketing activities. They are currently offering in Access of 30 mobile-based services in 8 different countries. Currently they have millions of transaction as historical data, which is being increased by tens of thousands every month. The data is distributed in amongst GCC and African countries.


Distributed non-relational data in obsolete data base


DXB (Data eXchange Bridge) - A customized true multi-tier solution that collects data from 8 countries and converts it into relational model before updating the central data mart.


DXB is designed in Visual Basic as front-end with SQL Server at the back-end and MTS as middle tier.


Unable to generate authentic reports showing revenue, service rates, customer trends etc. on daily, monthly and annual basis


IM (Intelligent Manager) - Another customized solution designed for generating verity of reports. IM being an Intranet/Extranet web based solution is being used by managers of the company giving them intelligence of their customers behavior and trends.

Some of the salient futures of IM are:

  • All reports can be grouped on daily, monthly, annual basis
  • Dynamic input criteria, e.g., selection of services, selection of countries etc.
  • Generates dynamic graphs (Bar, Pie, Multi-bar, Symbol-Line)
  • Each user can create their customize alert graphs (Dashboard) for monitoring any service offered
  • Handles unlimited service (Currently Cityline is offering 30 services with over 150 services in historical data)
  • Handles unlimited countries


IM is a component-based solution. Technologies involved in creating IM are Visual Basic, Active Server Pages, JScript, HTML, CSS and SQL Server.

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